Mallorca or Majorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. It is connected, with regular flights, to the main airports around the world. Palma is the capital; it’s history goes back a long way and it offers no-ending cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities. Not only does it offers the visitor the best in accommodation and services but also the possibility to enjoy the typical, bucolic landscape.

The Balerean Boc is is indigenous to the Balearean Island of Mallorca.  This island is the only destination in the world where this rare trophy can be hunted and he will be accepted as Balearean Goat trophy by SCI..He has added it to their record book.  This specie is recognised by the Safari Club International (SCI) and at present it appears in the Gran Slam 20 of goats which may be hunted.  The Balearean / Mallorcan Wild Goat is a species of Capra World Slam.  The hunting areas are in the  Island of Mallorca, one of the Balearean Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. There mainly on the entire west coast and north-west in the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Formentor, Alcudia and Artá Penínsulas.

Trophies horn size  SCI Rating SCI
Representative Males up to 62 cm. < 54 <54
Bronze Males of 62-70 cm. 54 a 59,99 54 to 59.99
Silver Males of 70-78 cm. 60 a 65,99 60 to 65.99
Gold Males of 78-90 cm. 66 a 75 66 to 75
Super Gold Males over 90 cm. > 75 > 75