Tayikistan is the best country to hunt the argali because it is where the biggest trophies come from.   Usually you get trophies from 50 to 57 inches long but there are places where we can garantee trophies from 60 inches.  Stalking an argali is not easy because the hunting area starts around 4000 m high so you feel the lack of oxygen but it is possible to use cars to help the hunter to move around to locate the animal and after get close to him walking.  Depending on the area it is possible to combine it with ibex.  The hunting season goes from September to December and from February to March.

In this country we can find also a great population of wild boars, like in Iran they were not hunted for many years so they are plentyfull and their trophies can reach close to 30 centimiters!  During the winter you can hunt by stalking or by making driven hunts with a few dogs, in summer you hunt them during the night waiting them on the feeding areas.