We have 100 % success on our Musk Ox hunts.  We  offer you a hunting adventure in the worlds “last frontier”, with glacier and  inland ice as background. You will stay in tent hunt camp in the wild during our  hunt, the camp is equipped with canvas tent, field toilet and field beds. We hunt  on foot in tundra and mountain terrain so your physical health must be good and  you must be able to carry your trophy app. 20 kg over long distance app. 3-5  km. Transport to hunt camp is on ATV, car or power boat depending on hunting.  We hunt  only large old musk ox bulls, they roam in the valleys near the icecap. When  hunter and outfitter have agreed and pointed out a good trophy, we stalk the  animal. Success rate is 100 %.   Because  meat and trophy must be carried to camp, we shoot only one musk ox a day. The  trophy hunter  must be able to carry the  trophy (head app. 30 pound), it is expected that the hunter helps butchering.  The hunter must be in good physical shape.

Caribou  trophy hunt on good trophies is “hard work”, we trek on foot and follow the  caribou herds in the high mountains and setup fly camp as we trek the Caribou.  Caribou  hunt is hard work. The big bucks can be difficult to approach. Smaller bucks  are often seen alone and are easy to hunt. Success rate 80 %. We shoot only 2  bucks pr day because trophy and meat must be carried to camp. Shooting distance  are app. 150-200 m.

Robinson  River is one of the best arctic char rivers in Greenland famous for its very  big arctic char.   The arctic char fishing is best in July and August and all so  the weather, our camp is placed few meters from the river. The average size of  the char is between  1 – 3 kilo but we  get every year arctic char bigger than 5 kilo. Caught on light spinning or  fly fishing gear you get the ultimate fight.

Trophy (head and head skin) belong to trophy hunter, meat belongs to  outfitter, but it is possible for the hunter to bring out app. 15 pounds of  meat. This must be pre-arranged with the outfitter before hunt. We can arrange contact with first class trophy taxidermist in Denmark. North  safari will take care of documentation related to transfer of the trophy. All  cost are payable by trophy hunter.

Small  game (arctic hare, seal, grouse and polar fox) can be hunted without extra  charge. Information must be given to outfitter before hunt.

Kangerlussuaq has an “inland” climate with    warm summers and cold winters. It is located above the polar circle and has    an arctic climate. Summer nights are bright.  In winter the days are short, and during the dark nights there is plenty of    opportunity to see the famous northern light (Aurora Borealis).    In summer, there is very little rain and lots of    sunshine. On a warm day, the temperature can rise up to 20 C. In the winter,    it can get as cold as -30 C