The Melfi hunting area is 7 hours by car from N’djamena in the Guera region (south-central part of the country). It is a beautiful area of approximately 150,000 hectares wide. The terrain is made up of a plains and hills covered in savannah bush.
This area is characterized by a good density of the mythical Western Greater Kudu. It is also home to the Red-Fronted Gazelle (Rufifrons Gazella) and some other more common western species such as Western Roan, Lelwel Hartebeest, etc…
The hunting camp is made up of comfortable bungalows each with an adjoining private bathroom.
Hunting season: from January to end of April.
On a 10 days safari, each hunter can harvest 1 Western Greater Kudu, 1 Red-Fronted Gazelle (Rufifrons Gazella), 1 Western Bush Duiker Duiker, 1 Oribi, 1 Warthog, 1 Civet, 1 Genet, 1 Golden Jackal, 1 Side-Striped Jackal, 1 Rock Hyrax, 1 Egyptian Mongoose, 1 Patas Monkey, 1 Vervet Monkey, 1 Baboon, 1 Wild Cat,
1 Spotted Hyena.
Other animals such as Roan Antelope, Bohor Reedbuck (Nigerian), Harnessed Bushbuck and Lelwel Hartebeest will be on request regarding number of licenses available.