Here we find some great animals like  bongo, sitatunga, forest elephant….in these areas we have the greatest quality of Cameroon.   Some of the areas, like Boumba are so isolated that the only way to arrive there is by canoe so because not many people go you can find very easily some animals like duikers, bates, pygmi antelope, bush pig and even the giant forest hog.

The available game is:

– Group A:  bongo, elephant, dwarf buffalo, sitatunga

– Group B: giant forest hog, red river hog, Peter´s duiker and yellow baked duiker

– Group C: blue duiker, bay & gabon duiker, bates pygmy antelope, varano, python, civet cat…


– South Boumba: is the best camp for bongo and elephant.  You can find also some types of duikers.  There are no roads so most of the hunt is done walking.

– North Boumba: it is a really good area for sitatunga, elphant and the best one for buffalo and duikers.  There are some roads so it is posible to use the car during the hunt.

– Lognia:  it borders Congo and RCA, and also the Lobeke National Park.  It is the classic area for bongo, this means forest crossed by old roads, so the car can be use during the hunt.  This is the best camp for bongo and it is also good for elephant and duiker.

– Dja: it is very close of the Dja National Park, in this area nobody hunted in the past until our guide got the concession.  It is excelent for sitatunga, elephant and buffalo.  The only way to reach the camp is by boat so it is perfect for the most adventure hunters.

– Lokomo: it is the newest camp, excelent for elephant, sitatunga and buffalo.

– Covaref