Area and hunting season: Private lands belonging to the provinces of Castellón and Teruel, bordering the Tortosa Beceite National Reserve, where you can practice partridge & pheasant from the months between september and march inclusive. 100% success guaranteed.

Accommodation: We offer stay in the mountain lodge La Rambla. 10 dabl rooms, Bar and Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Secure Parking. 12.000 Ha of hunting lands.

Modality: The throw in the browse modality is made with variable number between 3 and 12 posts. 3 to 5 daily browse game.

Program include: Breakfast and meal at the end of the hunt. Drinks included. Everything you need for the development of the hunting day.

Price: 30 € each hunted partridge. Minimum 300 partridges.

Not included

Hunting license: 60 €.

Cartridges: 8 €/box.

Secretary: 60 €.

Hotel: 150 €/day.

Gamekeeper: 100 €/day.

Payment: 3.000 € to reserve, € 3.000 € before you start hunting. Over 200 partridges and other expenses at the end of the hunt.